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The art of selling

Yesterday, after lunch, I made a stop that i do regularly, not daily, but very often. Buy cigarettes.

Because of the route i take since a while, I shop at a particular kiosk. Because I recieve a good service, with a smile, they know me and know my car, so soon as i stop they take out the product and aproach to the car. I do not need to get out of the car. Always carry a lighter in case I need fire.

The person who serves me must have no more than 17 years. Incidentally I donot stop if i do not see she there, because I’ve done it before and I did not receive even half the good service.

Yesterday something happened that confimed my assertions. I went, followed the same process as always,  stopped the car, I saw the lady, she smiled, took the package and aproached, i bought the usual and then she said: “Take this as gift, try it, say it is softer.” I thanked her, paid and left.

Coincidentally, the gift was the product of the brand that rotates less. I know this because I have information from the field.

It amazes me how despite being a product that leaves very little share, the fact that as a customer I am not a big deal and that the seller does not have a college degree her marketing skills and management are remarkable. This situation confirms me once again that the selling is not a science but an art.

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